Beyond Significance Testing: Statistics Reform in the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition
Reader and Instructor Resource Guide
Rex B. Kline, PhD



Welcome to the companion website for the second edition of Beyond Significance Testing. The purpose of this site is to enhance and complement the concepts and skills explained in the book. This site also replaces the one for the first edition. Please contact the author with inquiries about any web materials for the first edition.


Listed next is the link for downloading the suggested answers to exercises in chapters 2–8:


Suggested answers to chapter exercises (PDF: 97KB)


The links that follow are organized by chapter. They link to downloadable datasets in SPSS format for certain analyses described in chapters 5 and 7–8. The availability of these datasets allows you to reproduce selected analyses discussed in the book. Other links point to external websites, including ones with online or freely downloadable computer tools for interval estimation with effect sizes, bootstrapping, contrast analysis, robust estimation, meta-analysis, and Bayesian estimation. I hope this material assists you in developing your knowledge about alternatives to traditional significance testing.


Chapter 1 (Changing Times)



Chapter 2 (Sampling and Estimation)



Chapter 3 (Logic and Illogic of Significance Testing)



Chapter 4 (Cognitive Distortions in Significance Testing)



Chapter 5 (Continuous Outcomes)



Chapter 6 (Categorical Outcomes)



Chapter 7 (Single-Factor Designs)



Chapter 8 (Multifactor Designs)



Chapter 10 (Bayesian Estimation and Best Practices Summary)